Normans next stop on his global trot was Hungary

Aug 01
Normans next stop on his global trot was Hungary Making new friends in Hungary

Normans next stop on his global trot was Hungary, a country in the middle of Europe with great horse riding heritage and endless opportunities for riders. In history Hungary is known as a nation that conquered large parts of continental Europe, streching from the Balkans to Normandy. With this in mind Norman wanted to spend the morning exploring the countries endless riding trails imaging what it must have been like to be a horse back in those times.

Norman meets with  Gidran Sovanka, the 2013 eventing Hungarian champion

After his lovely trek Norman was greeted by Gidran Sovanka, the 2013 eventing Hungarian champion. Norman heard lots of stories about Gidran Sovanka’s who took part in the Young Rider European Championships, Championships for Rural riders and international 1,2,3*events. This made Norman curious as he wanted to know more about Hungarian bred horses and their international success. Many Gidran horses have proven to be great sport talents, with several of them taking part in the Young Horse World Championship of eventing horses at level 3 and 4* of eventing, which are the highest levels. Norman was amazed to discover that this lovely chestnut breed was also used for military purposes many years ago.  

Guided by his new friend the next destination was Bábolna, the home of the Shagya Arabs. The impressive grace and lightness of these beautiful animals is always eye-catching. Norman met with Hungares, winner of the 2006 Aachen World Equestrian Games endurance championship on 160 km distance.  Norman, who is just a hobby jogger couldn’t imagine running this much and felt honoured to talk with such an athlete.

Norman was delighted to meet many new friends and looks forward to returning to Hungary in the not too distant future, but now it was time for Norman to say goodbye.

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