Norman Visits South Dakota & Mount Rushmore

Jun 17
Norman Visits South Dakota & Mount Rushmore Norman visiting Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Norman neighed hello to the Midwest and trotted into the state of South Dakota where the famous Mount Rushmore lies. This piece of amazing sculptural artwork depicts four of America’s most famous presidents; George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln carved into the side of the mountain. Norman took the time to visit the mountain and wondered if he, one day, could join the former presidents and have his face carved into stone. 

Agriculture Industry in South Dakota

Apart from this magnificent sight Norman was excited to be here as he had read online that the state’s number one activity is agriculture, which generates more that $21 billion annually and employs more than 122,000 South Dakotans.After taking in the spectacular surroundings of the state, Norman met with the Alltech South Dakota team and learnt how they have been successfully aiding dairymen in reaching their herd’s full potential in milk production by using Alltech’s Mycotoxin Management Programme. With this programme the team carefully examines the impacts of mycotoxins in feed and the implications of herd performance. With the help of the 37+® lab and recommendations from the Mycotoxin Management Team, Alltech is then able to examine corn silage samples and determine the effects of prevalent mycotoxins on milk production. Based on analyses and the inclusion of some of Alltech’s solutions, herds can achieve their maximum milk production thus allowing dairies to reach their full potential.

Alltech South Dakota’s Annual Family Dairy Event

Norman’s visit to South Dakota wasn’t all business. Before he left, he made an appearance at Alltech, South Dakota’s Annual Family Dairy Event as the office hosted an appreciation day for dairy producers, their families, and employees in honor of their hard work and efforts. Norman enjoyed taking in a game of football and grabbing a big slice of cake before trotting off to his next destination.

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