Norman visits New Zealand

Jul 17
Norman visits New Zealand Norman hanging out in New Zealand

The next stop on Norman’s global trot was New Zealand, where he received a traditional Maori welcome. Galloping out of Auckland’s International Airport, he was ready for some sight seeing and ventured into the City of Sales, Auckland. Norman was very excited when he saw the majestic Waitemata Harbour and galloped across the beautiful Harbour Bridge. He sat here for a moment soaking up the brilliant sunshine and watching all of the yachts sail along the water!

Soon it was the time for Norman to leave Auckland and explore some farms in the Waikato region! As he trotted through the green countryside, he was amazed by the beauty of it all. When Norman arrived at the Smith farm, he explained that everywhere he looked on his journey there were cows, horses and sheep. Norman was shocked when one of the Alltech team told him that there are 65 million sheep and cows in New Zealand but only 4.5 million people! That is incredible Norman thought to himself!

After a nice evening on the farm, Norman trotted onto Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, to visit “the Beehive”, the country’s House of Parliament. What a funny name, Norman thought to himself. However, after seeing the building’s shape it made perfect sense. “This country loves everything to do with animals.  They even shape their House of Parliament like a beehive,” Norman joked to the Alltech team.      

With the day nearly coming to the end, Norman had one last thing he wanted to see, the “Cake Tin”. Here he took in a game of rugby, the country’s national sport, watching the very famous All Blacks! Norman was most impressed by their high level of skill and thought the game was very interesting. However, Norman’s favourite part of the experience was watching the team do the Haka! As the game came to an end, the Alltech team said goodbye to Norman and wished him the best on his global trot.

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