Norman visits Fort Wayne, Indiana

Jun 14
Norman visits Fort Wayne, Indiana Norman visits Fort Wayne Indiana

Norman galloped into Fort Wayne, Indiana and was very excited to arrive at the Cross Roads of America. Indiana has more miles of interstate than any other state in the US.  Norman trotted along the river and went through one of Indiana’s 32 covered bridges. He was very impressed as it looked like he was trotting into a barn, what a creative way to decorate a bridge he thought! Indiana was such a beautiful state and Norman was in awe of its beauty as he trotted through the ever changing landscape which has over 80 different varieties of trees.

Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference

After a very scenic canter around the country side Norman arrived at the Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference and he was ready to meet the Alltech team and see what all of the buzz was about. He spent his day learning about rumen development, herd health and management, rumen acidosis, and other new dairy developments.  In the afternoon Norman spoke with the attendees spreading the word about Alltech’s Mycotoxin Management programme that helps to keep dairy cows safe. He also answered questions about the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy.

Baseball - Normans new favourite sport

Whilst talking about sport Norman was informed that the first professional baseball game in Indiana was played at Fort Wayne in 1871. The more he heard about one of Americas favorite pass times, the more interested he became, so he was thrilled when the Alltech team brought him to catch a game. As Indiana is the second biggest producer in the USA for low-fat and regular ice cream, Norman had a scoop as he watched each team soar into the air to catch the baseball!

Norman was sad that he had to leave his friends in Indiana but knew that he would make many more on his global journey. At the Airport it was his last chance for a bit of sightseeing and he had a quick trot around the flight museum in the terminal while he waited to fly to his next destination. 

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