Norman trots into Turkey, what a delight!

Jul 24
Norman trots into Turkey, what a delight! Norman learns about sieve testing!

Norman’s next stop on his global trot was Turkey, a land of mythical legends and Gods from Greek and Latin literature. He was looking forward to sampling some original Turkish delight. Norman being a history buff, had already read about the city of Troy and was looking forward to hearing all about the famous Trojan War in Turkey. Norman trotted to the ancient ruins of Troy located in Hisarlik near Canakkale province. Troy is a city which existed over 4,000 years ago and known as the centre of ancient civilisations. For many years people believed that it was a city mentioned only in Greek and Latin tales and never existed until it was first found in the 19th century. During the Bronze Age, Troy had a great power because of its strategic location between Europe and Asia.

In Greek mythology, Helen was the daughter of Zeus and Leda was abducted by Paris, Prince of Troy. This precipitated the Trojan War. The Greeks had come to take back Helena but they could not surpass the walls of the city. The Greeks had a plan; they built a wooden horse in order to gain access to the city and their soldiers hid inside. The Trojans found the horse and pulled it into the city. At midnight, Greek soldiers jumped down from horse and opened the gates by killing the guards. The Greeks entered into the city and killed all Trojans. Norman was amazed by the Maquette Trojan Horse; it was used during the filming of the movie Troy, and given as a gift to the town by none other than Brad Pitt.

Norman meets with Bruce Woodacre

After all Normans sight seeing it was back to business. Norman travelled with an Alltech Turkey sales representative and Bruce Woodacre, visiting farms, making recommendations and giving advice on important feed and manure samples. He also met with Alltech Ruminant Sales Representative Yasin and the leading dealer in the region- Ekotek Company’s manager Mehmet where they visited the Yonca Dairy Farm. While on farm, Norman assisted Yasin and Mehmet in an Alltech manure and feed sieve test. Yasin and Mehmet explained that these tests are quite beneficial and effective as they give healthy results and enable the farm operators to identify the current issue on site. Following the evaluations, they formulated a new nutrition programme. Norman was delighted to see the positive results from such a wonderful Alltech solution.

That night Norman dreamt of the city of Troy and what it must have been like to live back in the 19th Century. He is looking forward to catching up with old friends so he can re-enact some scenes from the battle of Troy. 

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