Norman trots into Slovakia to check out a top 20 farm!

Aug 06
Norman trots into Slovakia to check out a top 20 farm! Norman goes on farm!

Norman’s next stop on his global trot was Slovakia, home to the High Tatras and its luscious valleys. Norman understood that Slovakia was famous for its Hucul pony or small horse originally from the Carpathian Mountains. The Hucul is a heavy build and possess great endurance and hardiness, receiving its name from the Hutsul people.

Norman was interested to note that after World War II the number of Hucul horses stood at approximately 300 in Czechoslovakia but thanks to the efforts of breeders, the world population of these horses now exceeds 1,000. Most of them live in Poland, Slovakia, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Ukraine. In recent years the popularity of this breed has also spread as far as the UK.

Norman meets with farmer Ing. Jurai Karcol

During his travels in Slovakia, Norman met with farmer Ing. Jurai Karcol at PD Horné Obdokovce. He was interested to hear about the famer who had introduced Alltech’s natural solutions and in turn has seen an increase in profitability, efficiency and sustainability on farm.

Mr. Karcol mentioned to Norman that the farm ranked within the top fifty dairy farms in Slovakia, with an average production of 8,500kg of milk per cow. Through a protein programme made up of Optigen®, together with Yea-Sacc®, Sel-plex® and Mycosorb®, it increased its position to the top twenty. “From September last year Rumagen® is on stage and our goal is 11,000kg of milk for this year, cows started calving at 22 months of age, and we are looking forward to being within the top five dairy farms in Slovakia” said Mr. Karcol.

As Norman galloped to his next destination he thought of the huge difference a simple protein progamme can make on farm and promised to share his knowledge while on his global trip. 

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