Norman trots into New Mexico

Jun 23
Norman trots into New Mexico Norman gets down to business in New Mexico

The next stop on Norman’s global trot was New Mexico which is nicknamed the land of enchantment. Norman was quite excited to see the state as its nickname made it sounds like a magical place! When he reached New Mexico he first went to the capital of Sante Fe which is actually the oldest capital city in America, founded in 1610 and the highest above sea level at 1,700ft. As well as having the oldest capital city, New Mexico also has the least amount of rivers in comparison to all other states. Norman cantered through the hot streets and met a group of people selling beautiful baskets and sandals, he stopped to speak with them and found out that they were in fact made by the states flower the Yucca! What a great way to use the flowers Norman thought as he galloped off to meet with the Alltech New Mexico team.

Norman Assists with Alltech New Mexico’s Farm Support Meetings

On his arrival he discovered that the Alltech New Mexico office had been hosting a series of meetings throughout the year geared towards educating farmers on advancements in dairy and crop solutions. These meetings provide a roundtable discussion for dairy and crop farmers to discuss obstacles, successes and opportunities to capitalize on. Danny Turk, New Mexico Territory Sales Manager explained that “Mother Nature hasn’t been kind and the drought in the Southwest only continues to worsen. In order to maximize crop yield, maintain value in their ration and keep business going farmers have to invest in ways to make every drop of water count”.  Norman assisted Danny and the Alltech team during their farm support blitz by helping to run the presentations. He was a great asset to the team and all of the attendees enjoyed meeting him.

As the day came to a close Norman reflected on the presentations. He wondering how many other farmers around the world are struggling to keep their crops alive due to drought. What an interesting place New Mexico is! Norman wished the Alltech team goodbye and said that he would hope to see them at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy. With that he trotted off into the distance to begin the next stage of his travels around the globe.

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