Norman trots into Italy!

Aug 10
Norman trots into Italy! Norman goes water skiing!

Next on Norman’s list was Italy. Norman had heard all about The Palio di Siena. The Palio Siena is a horse race that is held twice each year, on July 2 and August 16, in Siena, Italy. Ten horses and riders, bareback dressed in the appropriate colours, representing ten of the seventeen city wards race for the title. Norman could not believe that the jockeys ride bareback; the race circles the Piazza del Campo, and usually lasts no more than 90 seconds.

Norman meets with Lara Villata

While in Italy Norman was delighted to receive an invite from Lara Villata, dressage Italian athlete who has represented Italy in four European Championships, three World Equestrian Games and three Olympic Games. They met with some friends for a picnic and spoke about all the competitions Lara had taken part in. Norman discussed how he would one day like to represent France in the World Equestrian Games. Lara was on hand to give him all the tips and advice he needed. She mentioned the hard work that was involved in all competitions and suggested that Norman go into professional training.

Knowing that time was on his side, Norman decided to turn his hand to water skiing. He was quite good and wondered if it could be classed as a sport in the World Equestrian Games. 

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