Norman trots into Ireland!

Aug 21
Norman trots into Ireland! Ciara Watt and Mary Delaney of Gain Horse Feeds met Norman!

Norman neighed hello to Ireland, a country which he had been especially excited to visit as it is renowned throughout the world for its close connection with the horse industry! Irish sport horses compete successfully at the highest level of every equestrian discipline and have dominated the eventing circuit for many years. Norman passed his morning by galloping through the countryside and seeing Ireland’s historic sites. In Meath he visited the 5,000 year old passage tomb in Newgrange. Norman was amazed by the strong stone structure and the small internal corridors that are still intact. He then eagerly trotted into Dublin, the capital city of Ireland and was very excited to see the house where one of his favourite authors, James Joyce had lived.

Norman travels to Kilkenny

Shortly after his Dublin stop, Norman trotted to Kilkenny, home to the famous Kilkenny Castle. Norman was delighted to see the traditional interiors of the castle and all of the old art work! While in Kilkenny he ventured into GAIN feeds, an Alltech Official Partner for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy.

GAIN told Norman about how they have been creating great excitement around the countdown to the Games by treating the horsey public in Ireland to lots of fantastic tickets to the Games through online competitions. Since Norman spends long hours travelling the globe, GAIN’s nutrition experts decided to give him a few diet tips to keep him stress-free and in top condition. He definitely enjoyed trying out their great range of feed! On the tour of the facility, Norman spotted some super photos of GAIN sponsored riders such as top international show jumpers Christian Ahlmann, Cian O’Connor and Nick Skelton as well as the members of Team Ireland Equestrian to which GAIN Horse Feeds are the Official Feed Consultant.

Later that day Norman visited the Irish National Stud where he met some Irish thoroughbred horses. Here he had the opportunity to discuss his new GAIN nutritional diet and told them about the Games in August. Norman was interested in learning all about the magnificent thoroughbreds and he met some very famous retired racehorses. In the museum he found the skeleton of three times Cheltenham Gold Cup winning legend, Arkle, which has been in the museum for more than 40 years.

Norman was very impressed by his visit to Ireland! He was happy to make new friends at GAIN Horse Feeds and looked forward to meeting them at the Games in August. Norman galloped through the fields of Ireland, racing towards his next country full of enthusiasm and essential nutrients.

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