Norman trots into Idaho, the land of potato & dairy farms

Jun 18
Norman trots into Idaho, the land of potato & dairy farms Norman taking a break after his hard work visiting many farms in Idaho

The next stop on Norman’s global trot in America was the state of Idaho, which is also known as the land of potato and dairy farms. Norman was excited to spend the morning taking in the culture of this vast state. He ventured to the Sawtooth Wilderness trail and hiked up Borah Peak. When Norman reached the top he was astounded by the incredible view of the sparkling lake. After checking the time Norman realised he would have enough time to do a quick spot of fishing in the Salmon River. His luck was not in, after an hour he still hadn’t caught anything so he decided it was time to go visit the Alltech office.

Norman meets the Alltech Idaho Team

When Norman finally met with the Alltech Idaho team they brought him to visit some dairy farms. Norman was thrilled as he got to see all of the new baby calves. Norman thought they looked so tiny compared to their mothers. He watched the Alltech team as they carefully measured the feed rations. Norman knew that if the baby calves ate all of their nutritious feed they would soon grow big and strong.

Norman finds out more on Alltech’s annual Optigen® Challenge

After an action packed morning it was time for Norman to go Alltech’s annual Optigen® Challenge for dairymen across the state of Idaho/Utah dairies. Norman had a busy day at the competition and finished up by helping the Alltech Idaho team pamper 40 dairy producers at the Utah Jazz pro basketball game. While he was entertaining some of Idaho’s top dairymen, he spoke about Alltech’s premier protein source, Optigen. He explained that this is a non-protein nitrogen source for ruminants that results in enhanced microbial protein production and aids in fiber digestion. Optigen was not only a hit with the dairymen but also with the 10,000 plus cows that benefited from this year’s six month Optigen Challenge.

Norman was very pleased with his trip to the wonderful state of Idaho. As Norman trotted towards his next destination he by-passed more cattle fields and saw lots of healthy, happy cows! Norman was proud to know that Alltech had such a positive effect on the cows of Idaho.

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