Norman stops over in Venezuela to learn about the Hacienda Paramito’s history

Jul 01
Norman stops over in Venezuela to learn about the Hacienda Paramito’s history The herd at Hacienda Paramito

As Norman galloped into Venezuela he was very excited to be in a country bordered by two very famous geographical masses, the Caribbean Sea and the Andes. Before Norman began his days work he went to see Angel Falls, the world’s highest waterfall! Here he took in the sight of the tumbling water. He was in awe of its natural beauty. This would definitely be a sight that he would write home about.

Norman trotted as fast as he could to meet with Mr. Valmore Silva, the owner of Hacienda Paramito, located in the Lara State, in the Barbacoa area. Mr. Valmore Silva is a dairy producer that has accomplished improved efficiencies, productivity and sustainability on his farm due to Alltech. His milk is sold to La Pastoreña milk, which is currently one of the consumer favorites due to its quality and characteristics.

Norman visits the Hacienda Paramito Farm 

Norman, being a history buff wanted to find out more about the farm. Hacienda Paramito dates back to 1996 where Mr. Valmore Silva started his milk production with 30 half-breed cows and 30 young Mestizo Holstein cows. Norman was interested to hear how the herd was being fed, Norman knows good nutrition is very important. The cows are fed a diet of Kikuyo grass, Bermuda hay and Concentrados Colaea feed. The Concentrados Colaea feed contains Optigen and Yea-Sacc from the Alltech product range and helps improve the health and nutrition of the animals. Norman was delighted to hear that the farm is currently producing an average milk yield of 25 liters per day. Not only has the milk yeild increased but the milk produced is of such high quality that the farms revenue has also increased. 

Norman really enjoyed his day with Mr. Valmore Silva and found it very educational, especially hearing how his herd continues to grow from strength to strength. Once again Norman felt proud to be part of Alltech and the great work they do. As he trotted off towards his next country he thought about the benefits of the Alltech products and promised to share his knowledge with the world. 

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