Norman soars through the skies of Costa Rica!

Jun 29
Norman soars through the skies of Costa Rica! Norman meets with Osvaldo Hidalgo!

Norman neighed hello to Costa Rica and was ready for a morning of adventure, so he galloped to one of the country’s various zip lining courses! Norman loved soaring over the tree tops and seeing lots of wildlife up close! Tired after his vigorous zip lining, Norman took a dip in one of the country’s hot springs, which are heated by the earth’s core. He was completely relaxed and looked forward to making new friends in Costa Rica.

Norman meets with Osvaldo Hidalgo

Norman then made a to a trip to Muelle de San Carlos. Where he met with Osvaldo Hidalgo, a competitive horse trainer, who has devoted his life to helping horses and riders compete in equestrian sports. Norman was hoping to get some tips! Osvaldo has always been passionate about horses and comes from a family with a strong horse history. This resulted in him competing in numerous national rodeo competitions. In recent years Osvaldo has trained his four daughters to become national “barrel racing” champions. What a household of talented riders Norman thought to himself.

Osvaldo told Norman that he currently owns an equestrian academy called La Casa del Rodeo, and has travelled around the world with his own team, representing Costa Rica at international championships. The academy was established around 5 years ago and was the result of his daughters’ success. Presently, the girls attending this academy come from low-income families. La Casa del Rodeo is a non-profit organisation that helps girls succeed based on their hard work! One of Osvaldo’s major accomplishments with his peers at PRORODEO (a Costa Rican Association for the Promotion of Rodeo), was getting the government of Costa Rica to acknowledge Rodeo as a sports discipline. Wow Norman thought, I am with a man who is not just telling me about horse history, but who has actually created it!

Before leaving Costa Rica Norman said a hearty goodbye to Osvaldo and wished him and La Casa del Rodeo all the best in the future. Norman hoped that in the coming year’s people from La Casa del Rodeo will compete at the World Equestrian Games. With that he galloped into the distance, looking forward to sharing his new story with the globe. 

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