Norman reaches the beautiful country of Guatemala!

Jun 28
Norman reaches the beautiful country of Guatemala! Norman visits Mauricio Evans Jnr.

Norman’s next stop on his global trot was the country of Guatemala, based in Central America. As he cantered high up into the mountainous terrain, he stopped to take in the beauty that surrounded him. Norman moved his hooves very slowly until he was near the edge of the road and looked down the sloping hill and all around him; he was above the clouds! It was amazing to be up so high in the sky. Norman then went to the city of Antigua and took the bus up to the nearby volcano where he joined a crowd in toasting marshmallows over the volcanic steam. This sure was a treat for Norman. 

Norman visits Mauricio Evans Jnr.

After a short rest he decided to visit Mauricio Evans Jnr., a prominent rider who will compete for the first time in the endurance category at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy. Mauricio Evans Jnr. explained to Norman that his father’s cattle ranch generated his interest in horses. One of his favorite horses at the ranch was Hercules, who helped the family heard cattle. One day as the family travelled to Masagua, a nearby village, their truck overturned. Hercules was badly injured in the accident and lost his life. Maurice Evans Jnr. explained to Norman how close he had become to Hercules. He knew from that moment onwards that he wanted to work with horses.

Norman was curious as to how Mauricio Evans Jnr. started competing. He told Norman that he loves all types of horses and his favorite category is the endurance competition. This category allows him to have more contact with his horse, Sara, whom the family purchased especially for competing. Mauricio Evans Jnr. explained how Sara has never been disqualified from an event and she is always within the top two places at competitions. He described the close bond between himself and Sara, stating that this sport needs discipline, perseverance and love. After Norman wished him the best of luck and began trotting off into the distance he wondered how many people in the world have such a close bond with their horses. 

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