Norman pranced into Poland!

Aug 07
Norman pranced into Poland! Norman attends the Agrotech trade show!

Norman was hot to trot to Poland to find out more about the Konik; a Polish primitive horse. It is a small, semi-feral horse, descending from very hardy horses from the Biłgoraj region. This famous Polish breed has many primitive markings, including a dun coat and dorsal stripe.

Norman meets with Julia Fornalik

While in Poland Norman met with Julia Fornalik, Zoo Technician at Dłoń Farm. The farm has 170 milking cows averaging 10,000 liters per lactation and is taking part in Alltech E=P+S Programme. Dłoń Farm belongs to the Agricultural University of Poznań and is a scientific research center where every year new trials in the field of nutrition, management, milking hygiene, etc. are carried out.

Julia being a Zoo Technician was able to tell Norman more about the Konick horse. Norman found out that during World War I, these horses were important transport animals for Russian and German troops and were called Panje horses. Koniks today are bred either in barns or open reserves under human guidance.  

Before returning to France, Norman took the opportunity to visit the Agrotech trade show in Kielce along with the Alltech Poland team. The show was visited by a record number of 58,500 people, with 600 companies displayed their products.

Norman was content to see that the Konick horses are being well looked after and that the agriculture industry in Poland is alive and well. He left Poland happy to trot to his next destination. 

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