Norman neighs hello to Lithuania

Jul 28
Norman neighs hello to Lithuania Norman enjoying his new handmade Lithuanian slippers

Norman galloped into Lithuania where he had heard horse whispers regarding a famous breed of horse called Žemaitukas and wanted to find out more.

Norman met Mrs. Dalia and Mr. Aidas, a local family who run a farm with over 1000 dairy cows. When welcomed inside, Norman was grateful to get out of the cold and sip on a nice cup of hot tea. Mrs. Dalia continued to tell him more about the Žemaituka horse breed.

Finding out more about the Žemaituka

Norman was impressed that they were used as a war horse by the Lithuanians during the Northern Crusades and are hailed in Lithuania as part of the state's historic heritage. Norman was also sadden to find out that the breed was brought to the brink of extinction by changing agricultural demands and World War II. Mrs. Dalia mentioned that in 2010, the total population was estimated at 400 individuals.

While on the farm Norman also met with their dairy herd. He was curious that there were so many different breeds from countries such as the Netherlands, England, Scotland and of course, from his native country, France. Norman was interested as to how these animals survived in the cold but they told him that “there’s no secret, as this is a family owned farm they get all the warmth, care and love they need from the owners”. This reminded Norman of Alltech which is also a family owned company.

On his departure Norman was delighted to receive a pair of homemade woolen slippers from Mrs. Dalia which would keep his hooves comfortable during his global trot.    

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