Norman neighs hello to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Aug 01
Norman neighs hello to Bosnia and Herzegovina Norman visits Equestrian Club “Paddock” stable. Norman was delighted to spend some time with Siglavy Jala .

Norman’s next stop on his global trot was Bosnia and Herzegovina, a heart shaped land that lies in the center of Southeast Europe. The view as Norman galloped over the hills was of beautiful crystal clear twisting rivers and lush, green countryside. All of the best tourist attractions here revolve around nature, with several beautiful places to hike, walk, bike, or fish!

Norman visits the Equestrian Club Paddock

Norman couldn’t wait to spend a bit more time here, and he was especially excited to catch a glimpse of the strong Bosnian Mountian Horse as he raced over to meet his Bosnian and Herzegovinan friends. Mrs. Katarina Jovanovic and her husband Dejan are the owners of the Equestrian Club Paddock which lies on a private estate in Barlovci. The Club is dedicated to promoting coexistence with nature, preserving the natural enviroment, horse-riding and humans relationships with animals.

Mr. and Mrs. Jovanovic are great lovers of horses and for them it is very important that their horses are healthy and in good condition for competitions. They recognized Alltech’s equine products as a great solution and it was only natural for Katarina and Dejan to include products from the Alltech range of nutritional solutions for horses in their feed.

Norman couldn’t wait to see how wonderful these horse would look and galloped to the stables to greet Katarina’s and Dejan’s horses. He spent the rest of his day horsing around with Siglavy Jala and Lipizzaner. Norman was so glad that he had made even more friends in this great country before racing off for his next adventure.

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