Norman neighed hello to the Philippines

Jul 21
Norman neighed hello to the Philippines Norman and the finishing post at the Manila race track

Norman galloped into the city of Manila in the Philippines and was excited to see all the beautiful Filipino people with warm friendly smiles.  He somehow managed to lose his way to the Alltech Manila office! Norman was struggling to figure out the right direction so he asked around and was pleasantly greeted with a big “Mabuhay!”. He was amazed at how friendly the people were. On his way to the office Norman passed through the Spanish influenced district where he saw some of his distant cousins galloping around and pulling horse-driven carriages called ‘kalesa’. In the past these carriages were used as the main mode of public transport in Manila, however now they are now used as a special attraction.

Norman visits the race track to check out the competition

When Norman reached the Alltech Manila office he was greeted with a hearty hello! The Alltech staff enjoyed talking with Norman, learning all about his travels and the wonderful countries he had been to! After lunch it was time for Norman to get cleaned up and don his best get-up as he prepared to go to (where else) the race track, where he truly belongs! Norman was greeted as a VIP, and received first class treatment! After an eventful afternoon it was time for him to flash his perfect smile for all of the media cameras and hand over the trophy to the horseracing champion. The Alltech Manila team explained to Norman that he would be seen on television by more than a million horseracing fanatics! Wow thought Norman to himself, I am a celebrity.

As Norman was leaving the event he went around shaking hands, graciously signing autographs and posing for the camera with his fans and new-found friends. With the perfect Philippine sunset in the backdrop, Norman enjoyed his ride back to the airport and he could not help but smile as he thought of the great stories he would tell his parents of his time in the Philippines! As Norman trotted towards the plane to head to his next destination thoughts of what the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 filled his head.

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