Norman neighed hello to Korea

Jul 21
Norman neighed hello to Korea Norman enjoying a delicious dinner with guests at the Hyatt hotel

Norman galloped into Korea, and was excited to see some of the 200 Silla tombs. This is a voluptuous earth mound. The largest tombs in Korea are more than 21 meters high and nearly four times that in diameter. When one of the Silla’s was opened several treasures were found inside, including a 1,600-year-old cap of gold filigree, which Norman saw in the Gyeongju's museum. After this Norman had just enough time to stop by Changdeokgung Palace. He found out that the palace, based at the foot of Mount Eungbongsan, was built in 1405. It is a favourite of The Royal Family and they continued to live here after the end of imperial rule in 1910.

Norman hears more about the agriculture industry in Korea

After a morning of exploring Norman trotted along to attend a pig seminar. The pig business is the largest livestock industry in Korea. Here he learnt how to help prevent PRRS and PED by using Alltech products such as Weaner Advantage and Mycosorb A+. After the seminar, a party was held to celebrate the upcoming Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy. Norman thrilled the audience with stories of the competitions taking place during the Games. He was happy to see that everyone enjoyed the celebration and now knew more about the events taking place in Normandy.

After a brilliant evening Norman raced to the Hyatt hotel to join Dr. Lyons for dinner. During the meal Norman was on hand to discuss the preparation for the Games. When the food was served, he asked if the animal had previously been fed an Alltech’s natural diet because it was so delicious, and he was pleased to hear that it did.

Norman really enjoyed his fancy dinner and was very excited to learn a lot about Korea’s future horse business. Before Norman left he made one last stop to visit the Seoul Racecourse Park where several famous horse races take place. Norman wondered how many Korean horses would be competing at the Games in August.

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