Norman neighed hello to Colombia

Jul 03
Norman neighed hello to Colombia Norman hanging out in Colombia

Norman trotted into Colombia looking to experience the colorful, lush, musical, tropical and vibrant country. He had heard so much about the intriguing museums and thriving café culture, not to mention the beauty of its landscape where its rivers, the Andes and the Amazon, flow. After taking in so much Colombian culture it was time for Norman to meet with the local Alltech staff.   

Norman learns more about agriculture in Colombia

Here he learned of the story of the local farming community of La Primavera village in Marinilla municipality, Antioquia. He travelled to Román Gómez Gómez Farm. The Universidad Politécnico Jaime Isaza Cadavid, with Alltech’s support, organised a moving celebration during which 60 children from the area had the opportunity to share and receive gifts. Norman was delighted to see how happy the children were and was delighted to learn more about their culture. The idea behind the concept is to help children understand the important of agriculture in their area.

Norman was glad to note that Alltech understands the importance of supporting such social initiative and that promote education institutions such as the Politécnico Jaime Isaza Cadavid are extremely important. The local Alltech staff informed Norman that they are currently developing various educational, leadership and research projects together with the Politécnico. Alltech will continue to assist with their farm-based programmes to directly and positively improve the farmer’s livelihood within the area, while encouraging them to continue their work to feed the Colombian population.

Norman left Colombia with a great sense of pride, knowing that Alltech was doing everything within its powers to improve the livelihood of the Colombian people. He knows that Colombia will have a rich and vibrant agriculture industry, just like their culture!  

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