Norman learns about the importance of silage in Uruguay!

Jul 10
Norman learns about the importance of silage in Uruguay! Norman meets with Enrique Robert and Beatriz Gfeller!

The next stop on Norman’s global trot was Uruguay a country famous for its food, soccer and of course its beaches. The first place Norman went to was the Rocha Coast, a beautiful natural area of Uruguay. Here he trotted along the beach; neighing to people he passed, telling them all about the upcoming Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy. After a morning of exercise and socialising it was time for Norman to cool down and soak his hooves in the shimmering sea. Feeling refreshed Norman visited the traditional local fishing village and was surprised to find that it had no electricity or running water. How quaint he thought to himself as he took in the unique scene.

Norman learns about silage

After an incredible morning it was time for Norman to trot along and meet with Enrique Robert and Beatriz Gfeller, a couple who have been devoted to manufacturing silage since 2007. Norman was eager to find out about the history of the company, so he made himself comfortable to listen to Enrique’s story. Enrique explained that his father was a milk producer and in 1987 his family bought a machine that could produce its own silage. Then the business started up as Enrique’s family used the machine not only for themselves but for their neighbors too! Beatriz explained that producing silage is instilled in their family’s daily routine. Norman was fascinated by this and drew comparisons to his love of show jumping and his parent’s success in the sport.

All of this sparked Norman’s thoughts and he wondered why silage is so important in agriculture. Enrique and Beatriz were happy that Norman was taking such an interest in their passion. They explained to him that silage is critical to an animal’s diet and its quality directly impacts the producer’s profitability. Glad to have developed a deeper understanding of agriculture, Norman began to ponder how silage affected his own food.

After thanking Enrique and Beatriz for the generosity in taking the time to speak to him, Norman said goodbye. Trotting into the distance he decided that he would make one last stop, to Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. Being quite the architecture fan Norman wanted to see the European and colonial designed areas of the city. After getting snap happy and taking a few pictures to show his parents, Norman trotted to the promenade, the perfect place to watch the sun go down, before beginning his journey to his next location.

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