Norman has reached France!

Aug 21
Norman has reached France! Norman reaches the Alltech Pavilion!

Norman’s last stop on his global trot was his home country France. The land of wine, cheese, the Eiffel Tower and art such as the Mona Lisa.  As Norman raced into his home country he was surrounded by the beautiful beaches, rolling hills and stunning scenery. The experiences he had gained travelling around the world had been so wonderful, but he was excited to be back just in time for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy. However before Norman reunited with his parents he had one last stop to make, in the Cherbourg region.

Norman visited the Noel family at L’Elevage du Thot, a farm with a rich and fabulous history of breeding. Made in France, is the label proudly cultivated, promoted and exported by four generations of the Noel family. This family is renowned for their values of passion, quality and hard work when breeding the highest quality, 100 percent Normandy-bred cattle and horses.

In 1840 Francois Noel began breeding cattle, each time producing better offspring. With this a new breed was born and the Cotentin cow was registered in the Origin Cow Book as the Herd Book Normand. They are large in size (750-900 kg), bi-colored, blonde and white, intelligent, calm and bred to endure Normandy’s varied climate. The Norman Cow continues to produce the world’s best cheeses and beef. Norman was so impressed to hear this and very excited to learn that he was in the birth place of not only one new breed, but two.

Norman learns more horse history

Jean-Francois inherited his grandfather’s talents for coupling pairs and began breeding horses, creating a French sport horse named the Selle Francais. This breed is known for its agility, speed and beauty. The Elevage du Thot exports 60% of their Selle Francais bred stock around the globe. Norman was very excited to find out that one of the Noel family’s greatest successes was Ideo du Thot who won the Jumping World Cup in 2007 ridden by Beat Mandli. Norman felt honored to be standing in a place where such a legend had been bred.

Norman then found out that the Noel family feed LIFEFORCE Formula™ to their young horses. Jean-Francois Noel told Norman that he first tested the LIFEFORCE Formula last year with excellent results. “I noticed an immediate difference between the young horses that were fed LIFEFORCE Formula and those not given the health supplement. They filled out nicely and their coats took on a brilliant shine, making them better for presenting to sell”. Norman was happy to know that the Noel’s will now give the LIFEFORCE Formula to their brood mares to improve the mares’ stamina before the strenuous birth process, and enhance the foals’ immunity through better colostrums.

Norman then said goodbye and happily trotted back to Caen with a sense of pride. His tummy was filled with excitement as he raced towards his home, and he smiled to himself as he thought of all the wonderful stories he would have to tell everyone at the Games tomorrow.

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