Norman gallops into Thailand

Jul 18
Norman gallops into Thailand Norman drinks some water in Thailand

Norman galloped into Thailand and was very excited to learn everything about this exotic Southeast Asian country. It was an especially exciting time for him to be in Thailand as the Songkran festival had just begun! The local people explained to Norman that this festival is a celebration of the traditional Thai New Year. Norman wanted to participate in all of the different events that day, so he went to the ceremony of Buddha and the throwing of water. This is one of the most popular Songkran celebrations, and Norman had great fun throwing water at everyone.

Norman meets with the Alltech Thailand team

Norman then went to meet with the Alltech Thailand team, who brought him along to a tradeshow. Norman was very interested to hear more about the Mycotoxin Management Program from the Alltech global Mycotoxin management team. He thought that this tradeshow was very informative and he found out lots of interesting developments in the area of Mycotoxins. He was very impressed by the event and promised to share this wealth of knowledge on his global trot. Who knew mycotoxins could be so harmful to animals?

Norman had worked up a huge appetite while listening hard at the tradeshow. So he was very happy when he was offered some traditional Thai cuisine. Norman had never eaten Thai food before. The tum yum kung and chicken with chilli and basil leaves were quite spicy, but nonetheless, Norman thought that the traditional Thai food was delicious!

The Alltech team then brought Norman to the Grand Palace and shopping street. Norman wanted to pick up a few gifts to post back to his friends; he decided to buy them a miniature ornament of a Tuk Tuk as this is a traditional way of transport in Thailand. With a heavy bag full of gifts Norman neighed goodbye to the Alltech Thailand team and trotted off to his next destination. 

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