Norman gallops into Romania

Aug 01
Norman gallops into Romania Norman helps pack goody bags

Norman’s next stop on his global visits was Romania. Norman had read the book Dracula and was interested in the going to Transylvania, the home of Bram Stoker. He was blown away by the land of mountains, forests, folklore and tradition.

Norman visits a traditional Romanian State Stud

On his trip he visited a traditional Romanian State Stud. The State studs in Romania are elite farms whose role is to provide an optimal management of the genetic equine patrimony by continuous genetic improvement of the cultural breeds and the conservation of vulnerable or endangered breeds. It is significant that most studs are in charge to manage the breeding stock of pure breeds with high risk status like Hutsul, Gidran, Furioso North Star and Nonius. Norman could not believe that in some cases they represent almost the entire livestock herd of pure breed in Romania.

Norman had heard of the work and support carried out by the Alltech Romanian team at the children’s centre, called Centrul Aurora since 2010 and he trotted over for a visit.   

The centre caters for children that are disabled and/or suffering from locomotion diseases. The Centrual Aurora is a one of a kind children’s centre in Romania who focus on speech therapy and physical therapy. Here all activities and games are tailored for children’s needs.  Each year Alltech support the centre by providing gifts for the children at both Christmas and Easter. Norman was glad to meet and play with the children. Not only did he bring a smile to their faces but they also brought a smile to his. He was glad to leave in high spirits knowing that the children are receiving the love and care they deserve.

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