Norman gallops into Greece

Aug 12
Norman gallops into Greece Norman takes time out to enjoy a glass of milk with Dr. Souglis and friends

Norman galloped into Greece. He was extremely excited to reach Athens. Being a deep lover of history he couldn’t wait to reach the Acropolis, and when he did he felt as though he had been transported back in time to ancient Greece. Then Norman went to the Olympia museum and saw some of the ancient artwork dating back as far as prehistoric times. Norman thought that this was a brilliant experience and one that he was very lucky to have.

After this it was time for Norman to go to the American Farm School (AFS) of Thessaloniki. The AFS is an independent, non-profit educational institution which was founded in 1904 to serve the needs of Greece and the surrounding Balkan areas. The School prepares its graduates for prominent roles in the community and in the agriculture and food sectors by teaching farming and business practices that are economically viable, ecologically sound and socially responsible.

Dr. Souglis, a veterinarian and the head of the Dairy department welcomed Norman and brought him on a tour of the facility.  As the tour was coming to its end Norman was feeling very thirsty because the weather was so warm in Greece, so Dr. Souglis offered him a delicious glass of fresh milk. Norman thanked Dr. Souglis for the refreshing drink. Norman was then informed that this milk was very special as it is enriched with Algae. Norman was very interested in how this was developed and found out that during the 2012 Alltech Global, 2012 Dr. Souglis and Dr Valergakis from Aristotle had learned about the importance Algae can have in a healthy diet, it was then that they came up with the idea to produce a kind of milk of high biological value for human health due to increased omega 3 fatty acid. The solution was to enrich milk with Algae. An official trial then commenced with Alltech in early June and finished in September of 2013. The results showed that the administration in the Total Mixed Ration (TMR) of Algae-S increased the level of omega 3 fatty acid by 73.1% in comparison to the control animals. It was undeniably a successful trial.

Norman was very impressed by this and thought about how wonderful it was that Algae could make milk even healthier! This was definitely something he would have to tell the farmers on his travels. 

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