Norman gallops into Germany

Aug 15
Norman gallops into Germany Norman hangs out with friends in Germany

Norman galloped into Germany and he was so excited to see the area where the Berlin wall once stood! What a nation of rich history Norman thought to himself as he took in all of the amazing sites. Then Norman went to visit the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Here he found out that this wonderful monument was built between 1789 and 1791. After the Berlin wall was built Brandenburg Gate was impassable for 28 years. It has now become a signature attraction and symbol of the German reunification as it represents both the past and present of Germany. One of Norman’s favorite parts of the monument was the goddess of victory, Victoria being pulled by a four horse chariot!

After a morning of site seeing it was time to go to an equine event in Stuttgart in the South of Germany. Norman galloped there to make sure he wouldn’t be late. He spent the whole day watching all of the horses perform. Norman thought about all of the important nutrition information he had learned on his travels so far and he wondered if the horses were using some of Alltech’s products to be in such good condition. He made his way to the stables to catch up with these top performers to share his tips.

At the end of the day Norman walked around the event and met with a man polishing peoples shoes free of charge. Norman though this was a brilliant idea and decided to get some hoof polish, as he had been travelling so much he thought it would be nice to treat himself. After this Norman took some pictures so he could remember Germany forever and then all too soon it was time to leave. “Goodbye Germany” Norman neighed as he galloped off to his next destination.

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