Norman gallops into beautiful Estonia!

Jul 27
Norman gallops into beautiful Estonia! Norman enjoys his time at Estonia's veterinarian conference!

Norman’s next stop on his global trot was Estonia and he was excited to visit a country with amazing natural beauty. As the most northerly of the Baltic States Estonia is mainly flat land, rolling into the eastern sandy shores of the Baltic Sea. Norman was very excited to meet with the Estonian Horse breed which descended from the primitive forest horses of Northern Europe 5,000 years ago. These horses are known to be incredibly healthy and Norman wanted to pick up some tips.

Norman attends a veterinarian conference

Norman trotted over to the veterinarian conference in Tartu hoping to gain some further insights on how can get into top condition. As he arrived all of the guests were being welcomed by the President of the Estonian Veterinary Association, Priit Koppel. Norman helped out at the Alltech stand all day and spoke with all of the vets about Alltech’s 37+™ kit which makes it easier for farmers to check their feed for mycotoxins. Once Norman was finished explaining all about the kit, he attended some practical workshops on food technology and hygiene.

Norman was very impressed with the level of expertise and knowledge at the conference, and left with lots of new ideas to get himself in tip top shape for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy. Norman was now even more excited to get to the Games and raced off to his next stop.

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