Norman excitedly entered Europe to visit Armenia!

Jul 23
Norman excitedly entered Europe to visit Armenia! Norman takes a photo of Mr. Armen Khechoyan!

Norman neighed hello to Armenia! As he trotted towards Yerevan the very cultural capital city he was amazed to find the great ancient burial site of a horse dating from the 25th-26th Century BC. According to Greek historian Xenophon, Armenia has a rich horse history. The Niseyski horse breed is one of the most famous from the region. Norman was also interested to find out that a Greek historian, Strabo, in 1st Century reported that Armenia had excellent pasture for horses, and, that the Armenian King gave 2000 foals to the Persian King for the Festival of Mithras every year. Norman loved that he was in a place so friendly to horses and other animals.

Norman visits Agroholding

Norman decided to take a tour of Agroholding, a dairy farm located near the town of Spitak, to find out about dairy cows in Armenia. The owner of the farm, Armen Khechoyan, explained to Norman that he has been breeding cows since 1989. In recent years he has purchased more than 250 heads of Schwyz, Simmental and Holstein breeds from Europe. All of these new breeds have created a demand for different approaches to feeding, maintenance and care. Alltech has been helping Armen for more than 2 years.  The inclusion of organic microelements in diets of cows has improved their metabolism, growth and development, increased the animals immunity and reproductive quality. The average milk yield in the farm is 7,500 liters, and one of the cows achieved a record of 45 liters per day. This was so unusual, that the Head of the Feed Department of Agrarian Institute V., Abrahamyan made a visit to the farm.

Norman was delighted to see how those years of experience and knowledge have improved the quality of feed, care and nutrition of animals at Agroholding. With that Norman was happy to know that all the animals of Armenia were being looked after and trotted off to his next location.

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