Norman discovers Ecuadorian Agriculture!

Jul 07
Norman discovers Ecuadorian Agriculture! Norman meets with Dr. Elías

Norman’s next stop on his global trot was Ecuador, and he was excited to see some volcanoes! Norman cantered up Cotopaxi, and was very tired when he reached the top. The volcano is the second highest summit in Ecuador and it reaches a height of 5,897m. This was a lot of exercise, even for Norman! As he looked at the amazing view from the top of the volcano, he was quite excited and a bit scared to learn that Cotopaxi is one of the most active volcanoes in the entire world! Oh dear, thought Norman, I need to get to the bottom before this volcano erupts! But the tour guide told him not to fear, even though there has been 50 eruptions since 1738, the most action you will see these days is a few steam fumaroles.

Norman meers with Dr. Elías to learn about Ecuadorian agriculture

What a great morning Norman thought to himself as he galloped into Quito, Ecuador’s capital city. Here he met with Dr. Elías Maica, Production Manager of Anhalzer Hatchery. Dr. Elías explained to Norman that poultry production along with cattle raising is one of the most important areas of Ecuadorian agriculture. This is because of its contribution to food safety, employment, and the business it creates for the small corn and soybean farmers, as they produce the main ingredients in poultry feed. Wow thought Norman, for such a tiny little animal newborn chicks have a big impact on a country.

Norman, being curious as always, then asked Dr. Elías how he became involved with Alltech. Dr. Elías was eager to explain and told Norman that in early 2006 the company he works for began using Sel-Plex in their feed formulation to enhance fertility, particularly in males. After using the product the birth rate at the hatching facilities improved by approximately 10%. “Since then I tell everyone that I can do without any of the ingredients in my feed formulation, except for Sel- Plex” said Dr. Elías.  

Norman was so proud to hear that Alltech were helping the poultry industry in Ecuador, and in turn the whole economy. Norman wished goodbye to Dr. Elías and trotted off towards his next destination. With a last glance over his shoulder Norman could see the snow covered Cotopaxi standing tall above the city.

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