Norman checks out castles in the Czech Republic

Aug 10
Norman checks out castles in the Czech Republic Norman researches "Czechs to Normandy"!

Norman’s next stop on his global trot was the land of fairytales, the Czech Republic. Norman loved castles and had seen quite a few on his journey so far. However he was extra excited today as the Czech Republic is known to be the castle capital of the world. After spending a few hours running around the Hluboká Castle pretending to be an ancient prince’s trusty steed, Norman decide it was time to get to know more about a long established project between Alltech and Fitmin.

Norman meets with Fitmin

Fitmin are an Alltech Official Partner of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy. While with Fitmin, Norman noted the great efforts taking place to ensure that the Czech Republic are well representated at the Games. Norman was then informed about the public collections taking place called  ”Czechs to Normandy”. This event has several stages, starting with the sale of promotional items and then showing the preparation video to everyone, which highlights individual disciplines.  The event finishes with a big ceremony and the money collected is then distributed among the riders going to Normandy.

Norman really liked the idea and was very interested by it. After he was finished reading more about it on his laptop, Norman spent time with the Alltech and Fitmin organisers and discussed the possibility of other countries running similar collections. Norman said he could “see a huge interest, energy and deep passion in both the riders and organisers”. Norman was very happy that he would be able to meet with lots of Czech people at the Games, he then wished everyone well and trotted off into the distance.

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