Norman gallops into Belarus - home of the Eventing World Cup Series

Jul 29
Norman gallops into Belarus - home of the Eventing World Cup Series Norman hanging out with new friends in Belarus

Norman was very happy as he galloped into a small country in the middle of Europe called Belarus! All of the photographs he had seen of this country were very majestic, a land covered with green forests and dotted with beautiful blue lakes. He was very excited to get to Belarus as in 2007 the FEI™ awarded the country the right to host the Eventing World Cup Series, and still to this day it is the only country in Eastern Europe that holds this prestigious right.

Visiting the National Olympic Training Center for Equestrian Sports and Horse Breeding

Norman met with the Alltech Belarus team who were ready to show him all the wonderful sites of Belarus. They brought Norman to the National Olympic Training Center for Equestrian Sports and Horse Breeding in the village of Ratomka. Norman was very impressed by this wonderful facility and even tried cantering around. They also explained that Belarus has always had a deep connection with pedigree horses. Starting in the 18th century thousands of merchants from around Europe flocked here to attend the trade fair at Annensky Kirmash, where they sold horses and held lots of fun competitions. In modern Belarus the fair has been revived, it is held every year, and people gather to see horse exhibitions, shows, carriage rides and spectacular concerts!

During Norman’s time with the Alltech Belarus team they informed him of how important agriculture is to the nation, especially poultry which will have achieved significant growth by 2015. As Belarus wants to become more competitive in the poultry industry they have collaborated with companies in the animal health and nutrition industry. This is where Alltech comes in, delivering solutions to farmers which help them to continuously improve the nutrition and quality of poultry. For instance organic selenium has been proven to increase performance and immune system in chickens and adding Sel-Plex™ to the chicken’s diets enriches their eggs with selenium, giving lots of health benefits to the end consumer.

Norman found all of this very interesting; so the following morning before he left for his next trot he ate one of the chicken’s eggs for breakfast. It was absolutely delicious and gave him lots of energy for his journey.

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