Norman is astounded by beautiful Austria

Aug 10
Norman is astounded by beautiful Austria Norman plays in the snow!

Norman’s next stop on his global trot was Austria and he was very excited to visit this wonderfully musical place. Norman galloped to Mozart’s birth place and listened to some of his exquisite music on his iPod. Norman chuckled to himself as he thought that it was almost like having Mozart play a private concert in his home for him. After Norman had a healthy lunch he couldn’t wait to roll around in snow covered hills! He had never been skiing but he was very excited to try. Norman had hired a ski instructor for two hours to show him the basics. The ski instructor was a bit puzzled on how to teach Norman to ski as he had four legs. But after a while they found a solution, snowboarding!

Norman meets with Fixkraft

Norman had a great time and after making a few snow angels he went to meet with Fixkraft the Alltech Official Partner of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy. Norman was ready for a fun filled day as he entered the Fixkraft Skigenuss event that was held for all of Fixkraft’s customers, partners and friends. The theme of the event was healthy animals and healthy humans. This was one of Norman’s favorite topics as he loved to be healthy and exercise.

After being informed about all of the best ways for humans to look after their animals health Norman decided it was time to spend a little more time playing in the snow, as soon it would be time for him to start his next journey.

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