Norman is amazed by the Northern Lights in Finland

Aug 15
Norman is amazed by the Northern Lights in Finland Norman hangs out with Peter Haga

Norman galloped as fast as his four legs could carry him; the wind was billowing in his hair as he finally reached Finland! Norman had always wanted to see the Northern Lights so when the opportunity to travel to Finland arose, he jumped at the chance. The lights were incredible and Norman thought that he really was one of the luckiest horses in the whole world!

Then it was time to meet with his Finish companions, Norman trotted through the deep wooded forests, around the sea, and over the rivers. After a lovely trip Norman reached the home of Feedex, a long-time customer of Alltech and now an Alltech Official Partner of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy. Due to Feedex’s successful use of Alltech technologies in their cattle and pig feeds, they have developed a new Speedex range of horse feeds.

To learn more, Norman donned his winter gear and set out to meet with a Speedex user Peter Haga, a third generation farrier, who now in his 60’s still shoes 15-20 horses a week.  He explained to Norman how important shoeing horses is, “You have to be able to read the horse” is how Peter sums up his approach to the art of horse shoeing.  “Looking at the bottom of the hoof tells you a lot”. Then he and Norman went into a long discussion on the technicalities of the hoof mechanism and how best to support it. Norman was very pleased to know that there are people like Peter who look after horses so well, checking their hooves and feeding them such healthy food. With this lovely sense of reassurance the time came for Norman to say goodbye, and he was off again on his travels.

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