Next stop on Norman’s global trot was to Indonesia

Jul 18
Next stop on Norman’s global trot was to Indonesia Norman makes new friends at InCow Jaya Farm

The next stop on Norman’s global trot was to Indonesia. He was very excited to reach Indonesia as he had heard that there were over 18,000 islands, many of which spoke a variety of languages and had different cultural traditions. Norman spent his morning on Komodo Island; he was amazed by the spectacular scenery and thought that the beaches seemed very romantic because of the pink sand. One of the local men explained that there are few pink sand beaches in the world. The sand is formed by mixing the skeletons of bright red organ pipe corals with white calcium carbonate. Norman couldn’t believe how pretty it looked.

Norman visits InCow Jaya Farm

After Norman’s morning of exploring beautiful beaches, it was time for him to go to Malang to visit one of Alltech Indonesia’s customers, InCow Jaya Farm. Norman was very excited to spend the day with Alltech’s Indonesia staff on the farm. The farm manager explained all about Indonesia and the growing market for dairy cows.

Before leaving, the farm manager offered Norman and the Alltech staff a tour of the farm. Norman was more than happy to accept and trotted around the farm looking at all of the dairy cows. When he was checking the feed Norman got a surprise as all of a sudden one of the dairy cows licked him, leaving him drenched. He wondered if this would happen on every farm during his global trot.

On the car ride back to the Alltech Indonesian office Norman turned on the air conditioning to dry himself off. He was quite happy that he visited the farm and even happier that he ended up making new Indonesian friends. Norman had a wonderful time in Indonesia, but it was time to leave and gallop to his next destination.

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