New Vision for Global Poultry Production

Categories: Ag Future, Poultry
Aug 17

Aidan Connolly spoke at the 2012 World Poultry Congress with Alltech’s vision for global poultry production in 2020 and the game changers in the poultry production sector.

Aidan addressed global challenges facing the poultry industry such as the record prices of grains, the drought in the USA and the increasing use of grains for ethanol production. He offered ideas on where the opportunities are for poultry production in the future e.g. improving meat quality and enhancing the customer experience by further investigating parameters such as tenderness, drip loss, cooking loss, shelf life etc.

For Alltech, a pivotal game changer has been nutrigenomics, which has contributed to the development of new generations of technologies such as Actigen™ and EconomasE™.

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