New Symposium Tour - Alltech Algae

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May 23

Tours are a traditional part of Symposium. We look forward to inviting everyone to tour our headquarters and bioscience center in Nicholasville, Kentucky. Attendees like to see our Nutrigenomics lab and the production systems where we manufacture our natural yeast supplements. This year we were proud to show off our new algae production facility in Winchester, Kentucky to our guests. Here is a video overview of the algae plant if you missed the Sunday tour.

Alltech Algae is one of the largest algae production facilities in the world. But it is much more than a collection of large fermentation tanks. The facility has a scaled-down pilot plant that allows our algae researchers and production team to experiment with new algae strains, growth media or processes.

Kyle Raney works in applications research in our Winchester plant with a focus on algae. Chuck Zimmerman from AgWired spoke to Kyle about the projects he's working on at the facility.

Algae are an incredibly diverse group of organisms and our plant will help us to explore some of the exciting possibilities for algae technologies. Algae have enormous potential for feed, food, fuel, pharmaceutical and environmental remediation. We have barely scratched the surface.

Do you think the algae industry should be focusing its attention on one type of application or working on multiple applications?


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