National Beef Ambassadors at Global 500

Dec 11

Beef Ambassadors at Global 500

Interviews with the senior Beef Ambassadors during their visit to Alltech's Global 500.

The National Beef Ambassadors, a team of energetic college students who advocate the nutritional value of beef, were in Lexington, Ky., last week for Alltech’s Global 500. The ambassadors met with beef producers from all over the world and heard industry experts speak on complex topics such as nutrigenomics, mycotoxins and carbon footprint.

The National Beef Ambassador program assembles a team of energetic college students from across the UnitedStates who speak to consumers about the nutritional value and safety of beef. An annual competition is held to select the top five ambassadors for the National Team. The 2013 team was selected in November and has already started spreading the word.

We interviewed the team at Global 500. They stressed the importance of bridging the gap between ranchers and consumers and the value of social media as a communication tool. “I see a need to bring the consumers closer to the farmers and producers. There’s too much of a disconnect between the farm and the fork,” said Emma Jumper.

Watch the video and meet the team.

Emma Jumper, Arkansas
Chandler Mulvaney, Alabama
Jacquelyn Brown, Oregon
Katie Stroud, California
Erin Morrison, Minnesota

To read about their experiences at Global 500 check out their blogs.

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