Meeting Monty in Vermont

Jun 11
Meeting Monty in Vermont Norman meets the famous Monty in Vermont

Norman galloped into Vermont, and was very excited because it is the fourth largest dairy state in the USA, with approximately 133,000 cows on nearly 1,000 farms. Norman was fascinated to read in a book that up until recently the state was known to be home to more dairy cows than people! While in Vermont, Norman knew that he had to go all out and experience everything that the state is known for. He stopped at a sugar shack to sample the season’s maple syrup and then he grabbed a scoop of the Vermonster ice-cream at Ben and Jerry®’s.

Meeting Monty

After a brilliant breakfast, there was just one more thing on his list to do. Norman had heard horse whispers about a new calf at a dairy farm in the Champlain Islands. This calf has taken the local news stations by storm, putting this small farm in Alburgh on the map, all because of the unique mark on her head. The family-owned and operated farm which has been breeding cows for over thirty-five years, for five generations, has seen over 2,000 cows born here, but they had never seen a head marking quite like this one. When they first saw the new born calf they recognised the shape of the marking almost immediately – the outline was the same as the state of Vermont! With this in mind they named her “Monty”.

Norman thought that Monty is a great representative for the state of Vermont, embodying not just a profession but a way of life for many farmers across the land. Like Vermont’s farmers, she’s proud to call this place her home and seems to love all of the attention that it has brought her and her family.

Before trotting off to his next location Norman made sure to get a few photographs with Vermont’s most famous animal. He thought to himself about how great it would be to show these pictures to his American dad (reining Champion at the World Equestrian Games™ 2010 in Lexington) when he returned home. Norman knew that his father would be just as fascinated by Monty as everyone in Vermont!

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