Is Jersey Cow Production The Future?

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Jun 29

Dr. Judith Capper - Dairy Solutions Symposium

Dr. Judith Capper - Dairy Solutions Symposium

Prof. Judith L. Capper has spent the last 5 years researching the environmental impact of dairy systems and how this can help us as we try to grow more food with less land for the estimated 9.3 billion people in 2050.

Capper’s research discovered that jersey cows don’t produce as much milk as Holsteins but they do produce more cheese. So is jersey cow production the future? According to Capper, producing 500,000 tonnes of cheddar cheese from jersey cows will save 1.71 MT of CO2, the equivalent of taking 337,000 cars off the road and 252 billion litres of water which could supply 4.3 million people per year.

Capper spoke to us recently about the historical shift from jersey to holstein cows at Dairy Solutions Symposium.

Prof. Judith L. Capper is an Adjunct Professor of Animal Science in the Department of Animal Sciences, Washington State University, USA. Her current research and outreach work focuses on modelling the environmental impact of livestock production systems. Research projects include comparisons of historical and modern production practices in dairy and beef industries; and the effect of technology use and management practices upon environmental impact.

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