Irish Examiner Looks Forward to Alltech's Global 500

Written by: Ben Jones

Sep 24
Irish Examiner Looks Forward to Alltech's Global 500

Alltech's Global 500 conference doesn't kick off until next week in Dublin, but we're already talking about the questions you'll want answered there. Kevin Tuck, managing director from Alltech Europe, got a head start on the conference when he discussed some of the issues facing beef and dairy farmers in an article with the Irish Examiner.

The article touches on several topics and includes some basic information on Global 500, which will be held from Oct. 1-3. Here’s an excerpt:

Q. Global 500 will investigate “Who will produce and buy the milk and beef?” Is China the big target for exporters? 

A. The opening session will address feeding the ever-growing world population in terms of dairy and beef production. Much of the recent talk has centred on emerging markets in China and India. Ireland is not the only nation with an eye on this marketplace. What exactly are these markets looking for and how can we supply it? It is not only China, but all of Asia which represents a big opportunity, but these countries have great ambitions to produce themselves, locally. The conference will have a large Chinese delegation eager to hear what the world wishes to present to them, and to share with us their ideas on what they truly desire — the qualities that become the unique selling points guaranteeing that they will purchase from one country or company over another. 

Of particular interest will be the unique situation in Europe after milk quotas end — including the growth plans for Ireland’s largest milk processor, Glanbia, and their new processing facilities at Bellview, Waterford.

It's a great read that should give you a better idea of what to expect from Global 500. There will be tours of Irish farms, discussion of the future of farming, and lots of opportunities for networking.

You can find the full article from The Irish Examiner here. For more information on Global 500, including agendas for the event and registration information, please visit our events page.

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