Ireland's Green Credentials

Written by: William Hanrahan

Jun 07

Interview with Aidan Cotter

Interview with Aidan Cotter, the Chief Executive of Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board. He explains the carbon footprint initiative being implemented in Ireland.

Ireland have made a promise that by 2014, 75% of all food and drink exports will come from farms and food businesses that have signed up to the sustainability plan and by 2016 all of food and drink exports will come from these sustainable sources.

Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board, work in partnership with the industry in developing markets and promoting Irish food and drink. I was able to interview Aidan Cotter from Bord Bia and he explained the unique sustainability development program they have created to internationally demonstrate the commitment of Irish food and drink producers to operating sustainably - in terms of greenhouse gas emission, energy conservation, water management, biodiversity, community initiatives and health and nutrition.

Play the video to see what else he has to say.

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