Impact of High Grain Prices

Categories: Agriculture, Poultry
Aug 17

Dr. Schang explained that soaring grain prices are creating heightened challenges for those producing as well as importing grains. “In all situations, it is more critical than ever that the birds perform very efficiently, particularly in terms of feed conversion rate. Argentinean producers, in spite of having relatively low costs of production, are concerned also about improving performance in terms of broiler and egg production.”

He emphasized that not only do feed costs represent 70% of poultry production costs but feed production also accounts for 70% of gas emissions attributable to poultry and modern feed formulations must begin to take the environmental impact of those feeds into account.

Dr. Schang concluded by saying; “In the future we must examine ways to improve digestibility through the use of greener diets and reduce the inclusion of animal by-products in poultry feeds. We must find ways to improve nutrient utilization. Enzymes are a well known tool to reduce cost, improve digestibility and reduce negative consequences on the environmental.”

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