Hutterites Visit from Warden, Washington

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Jan 06
Hutterites Visit from Warden, Washington

Back in December, Alltech had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Eli Wollman and a group of 7 High School students from a Hutterite colony located in Warden, Washington. Hutterites have common religious roots with other groups, like Mennonites and Amish, but are not exactly the same. Hutterites live communally, sharing all possessions, and each member has a vital role to play in the overall success of the community. One of the biggest distinctions of the Hutterite colonies is in how they have embraced modern agricultural practices while making sustainability a priority. Eli’s colony in Warden contributes greatly to the agricultural community with a very large scale potato business. Eli has even been featured in this video, put together by Alltech to highlight the Hutterite’s agricultural contributions.

The Hutterite Colonies

Alltech's salute to the Hutterite Colonies in the USA and Canada for their contribution to agriculture

The group was invited to visit two local schools where Alltech has sponsored full, state-of-the-art science laboratories. The first school we visited was St. Leo School in Versailles. While there, the Hutterite students were able to view projects from the recent science fair while chatting with the other students, teachers, and even the principal. From Versailles, we travelled to downtown Lexington to talk with Mrs. Therese Morris at Sts. Peter and Paul School. She gave the students a full tour of her lab and then they were able to participate in the after-school robotics club!

Although it was a whirlwind tour, we were pleased to offer this opportunity for Eli and the students to come to Kentucky and we hope they will be able to visit again soon!

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