How Will We Get There? Get a Glimpse of Animal Production in 2020

May 03

Steve Jobs said it best when he said, “Sell me dreams, not products.” The day of the product is long gone. Programs are what will lead us into the future of animal production. In the session Programs Not Products, at Alltech’s 29th Annual Symposium, we will get a glimpse of the future and discuss some of the methods and solutions that will help us excel as we move toward 2020. Here are a few of the contributors for the monogastric and ruminant sessions.

Denise Kelly – Denise’s main research interests are in gut microbiology and immunity and their role in both human and animal health.

Mike Brumm – Mike is currently an adjunct professor at the department of animal science in the University of Minnesota. He also owns a consultancy business focusing on management and housing of the growing pig, as well as many of today’s industry issues.

Tony Edwards – Tony Edwards is an Australian animal nutritionist who has been involved in commercial feed milling, livestock production, research and industry training for the past 40 years. He currently services a wide client base across a broad spectrum of livestock species, but with a particular emphasis on pigs consulting to approximately one third of the Australian pig industry, and clients in New Zealand and Asia.

Dave Khuenel – Dave began his career in 1981 after 10 years of involvement with a diversified family farm corporation in eastern Wisconsin. His main areas of expertise are business management and dairy and calf nutrition.

Mike Hutjens – Mike has been a member of the University of Illinois Dairy and Animal Sciences Departments as an extension dairy specialist. Although retired, Dr. Hutjens continues to teach on a part-time basis.

Jack Corless – Jack currently works as a consultant with significant primary producers in Europe, Asia and the United States to redefine the global dairy industry covering all aspects of dairy nutrition and production.

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