How Much Bacon?

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Oct 29
How Much Bacon?

National Pork Month is coming to a close in the next couple of days. So, we would like to take a second to honor bacon, one of the world’s most popular types of meat. Often considered one of the most versatile foods on the planet, bacon is used in many meals and recipes and not just at breakfast time. There are many new and interesting ways to get your fill of bacon. You can drink a bacon milkshake, have chocolate covered bacon, or wrap it around shrimp and filet mignon. There are even bacon designed coffins for those who can never get enough.

How much do we love bacon?

Americans on average eat around 18 lbs. of bacon each year. That’s about 5,608,654,506 lbs for the entire U.S., which is equal to 7.68 Empire State buildings. So when you’re celebrating all things “Oink,” don’t forget about the ever-popular-bacon.

Guest post by Justin Ellis, Alltech Brand Coordinator

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