Hop Heroes

Jan 09

Beerd and Justina Hop at Global 500

Husband and wife duo Beerd and Justina Hop go over their farm business.

“Farming is our life” explained Justina Hop. Like many other farmers, the Hops don’t consider farming a job. To them, it’s a way of life for the whole family. 

Justina and her husband Beerd left their family farm in Manitoba, Canada for a short visit to Kentucky in December to attend Alltech’s Global 500. Their son encouraged them to "leave home" so they left him in charge for a while. 

The husband and wife team run a successful dairy and beef operation with Beerd managing the 100 dairy cows and Justina running the beef side. We met with the Hops during Global 500 where Justina told us about her passion for farming, farm safety and her efforts in helping to build a more positive image of farming. They participate in Manitoba's open farm days, which make it easy for people to come out and see where their food comes from.

The Hop family are a great example of how everyday farmers are going that extra mile – the ‘unsung heroes’ of the agricultural industry.

If you know someone just like the Hops, you can nominate them to become a ‘Dairy Hero’ at dairyheroes.com and facebook.com/DairyHeroes.

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