Global 500: Mark Dielissen Experiences Improved Crop Yields with Alltech Crop Science’s Impro-Grain®

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Mar 27

Mark Dielissen

While at Global 500, Mark Dielissen, Concept Manager at Heemskerk Dairy, shares his experience using Alltech's Impro-Grain®.

We caught up with Mark DielissenConcept Manager at Heemskerk Dairy, at Alltech’s Global 500 in Dublin and asked him about his experience using Alltech Crop Science’s Impro-Grain® on his corn silage. Powered by Grain-Set® technology, Impro-Grain® is made from Alltech’s unique blend of micronutrients and fermentation products.

According to Dielissen, field tests he conducted last year illustrated improved crop quality, higher yield and a higher starch content in corn – all of which have led to improved milk quality and increased production. In the Netherlands, farmers anticipate the need to produce 24 percent more milk by 2020, and feed quality is important to fueling that industry growth, he noted.

Dielissen added, “We saw a better crop, it was healthier and there was more yield. This brings a future for the dairy farmers. We need more feed that’s better quality, so that we can get more nutrients in the milk and more milk from the cows… all with less cost for the farmer. That’s what we have seen with Impro-Grain.” Learn more in his testimonial video.

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