Global 500 Goes Across the Pond

Written by: Nick Easterling

Sep 30
Global 500 Goes Across the Pond

Tuesday, October 1st marks the beginning of Alltech’s annual Global 500. Now in its sixth consecutive year, the gathering of beef and dairy professionals from around the world will take place in Dublin, Ireland. This is the first time Global 500 has been hosted outside of the United States.

The location of this year’s event was chosen as part of Alltech’s participation in Ireland’s The Gathering initiative. Additionally, Ireland has a global reputation for high quality beef and dairy products. It was a natural fit!

The theme of Global 500 for 2013 is “EPS – Efficiency, Profitability, and Sustainability.” Discussions will include the abolition of European Union quotas, new dairy markets opening in China and India, and the “Horsegate” scandal. Concerns about the beef supply chain, rising input costs, and the relationship between efficient, profitable production and sustainable business will be covered as well.

With 750 attendees from 40 countries visiting, Global 500 is sure to be a memorable experience providing opportunities to network, learn, and share stories. Check throughout the week for the latest updates, live broadcasts, photos, and more.

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