Genetic evolution and breeder nutrition

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Aug 06
Genetic evolution and breeder nutrition Dr. Carlos Borges

According to Dr. Carlos Borges, genetic evolution must be accompanied by nutritional adjustments in broiler breeders. Research that once seemed unviable, such as investigating diet formulations for male breeders, is justified today.

Research has confirmed that organic minerals improve performance and immunity in breeders and their progeny. Protein consumption (g/h/day) strongly influences male breeders in terms of size, sperm quality and fertility.

Dr. Borges highlighted the main benefits of using enzymes in breeders, which are reduction of pathogenic bacteria and improvement in stool quality. This results in fewer dirty eggs and less contamination of the eggs and chicks in the incubator.

Given the limited volume of research on breeders, Borges concluded that the industry should continue to generate information according to the situation at hand using the standards of genetic lines as a guide.

Dr. Carlos Borges is a Poultry Nutrition Consultant from Porto Alegre, Brazil. He is Veterinarian Doctor graduated at UFRGS. MSc in Animal Nutrition at the Faculty of Agronomy. Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition in the Department of Animal Science at UFV and Specialization in Poultry Science at the University of Arkansas, USA. Experience 11 years in Broiler Breeders Farms, Hatcheries and Poultry and Swine Nutrition. Consultant for eight years in Production and Nutrition of Poultry and Swine.

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