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Jul 07

Gerry Giggins

Gerry Giggins of Farm Tours Ireland

Gerry Giggins, director of Farm Tours Ireland, is a tour guide – for farms. He spends his days leading students, tourists and farmers from around the world across scenic pastures and throughout booming production facilities throughout Ireland, all to bring them wonderful insight into the country’s proudest industry --agriculture. Visitors, whether local or from a different part of the world, have the opportunity to see first-hand the successes, failures and challenges Irish farmers face.

Giggins was present at Alltech’s Global 500 in 2013 and gave many Alltech customers walking tours of some of the most well-known food producers’ production facilities, answering their questions and providing detailed history along the way. He said, “As I travel the world as a consultant, I’ve found that people have a general interest in the green, clean image of Ireland, and how we enhance the quality of our milk and lamb, [among other factors unique to our country].”

Watch this video to hear him sum up his experience at Global 500 in 2013, and reveal what he believes will drive a huge expansion in the milk and beef industries in Ireland in coming years. Alltech’s 2014 Global Dairy & Beef will take place August 30 to September 2 at the Centre International de Deauville (CID) in Deauville, France. There, you’ll also have the chance to tour some of France’s largest production facilities and local farms and garner invaluable hands-on knowledge about the country’s agriculture industry. 

To view the full list of available farm tours, click hereFor details on how you can attend, visit or request an invitation here.  

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