Focusing on different concepts

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Aug 06

The Alltech Technical Poultry Roundtable started this morning with a great talk from Dr. Gonzalo González Mateos, from Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain. Professor Mateos emphasized that poultry production is changing very rapidly and the industry needs to adapt to this situation. Amino acids, feed conversion ratio and energy are still very important but we should focus on another areas now. 

"Nutritional profile must stay ahead of diet formulation processes," said Dr. Mateos. He said that granulometry and technical processes have strong influence on microbiota and the pH of gastrointestinal organs.

With regard to pelleting, he commented that expanded feeds are not always better than powdered feed when it comes to production and costs. Fiber levels and quality can have a positive or negative impact on physiology and gut viscosity.

Dr. Mateos concluded by saying he believes that the industry is constantly searching for improvement and enhancement on concepts already defined.

Prof. Dr. Gonzalo González Mateos - Professor of Animal Nutrition, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Professor Mateos has vast experience in animal nutrition and was Deputy Director of Animal Production with Coren, S.C.L, in Spain. He has authored or coauthored 50 books and monographies, and 90 referee papers on animal nutrition and animal production, including swine, broilers and other species. Gonzalo has also given more than 190 presentations on behalf of the Spanish Feed Industry.


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